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During the initial launch of DITO, you cannot find the app at the Google Play Store or in Apple App Store. The only way to download and install it was via an APK. But now, they finally released the official app and it is now available directly to your android phone without installing an APKs. However, app for IOS are still not available.

Update as of 04/18/2021 – DITO app is now available at the Google Play Store.

Since there is no app for iPhone devices, managing your sim card like topping load is impossible unless you asked someone with android phone. For those who wants to install the DITO using APK, we also preserved our previous instruction and link to their app via their official website below. The latest version of the DITO app is currently at version

After you download Ditto and save your clips in the program, the next obvious step is to use these clips. Although not intuitive the process is quite simple. You can either drag and drop the clip from Ditto’s window to the program you want to use it in or activate the desired program’s window and then in Ditto hit enter on the selected item. Ditto beta, version Ditto Setup Ditto Setup 64bit Ditto Portable Ditto Portable 64 Chocolatey c: choco install ditto -pre Chocolatey.portable c: choco install ditto.portable -pre Ditto Windows App Ditto Debug Files Ditto Source Previous Builds Change Log since last release 2021-09-10.

Google Play Store


DITO finally releases their app in Google Play and you can now install it directly to your phone without installing the APK.

You just have to visit their official Google Play Store page at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mydito.

Allow install unknown App

Dito App Download For Pc

But before anything else, since we are installing the app via APK, we have to allow install from other sources on your android device.

Depending on your Android devices, you need to enable the install from Unknown Sources from your Device settings. This is different from every device, if you didn’t find this settings, simply click the APK installer later on our guide and see further instruction.

To allow APK install to your device:

  1. Go to Settings > Security.
  2. From here, check the option Unknown Sources.
  3. Click OK then you’re good to go.

Download the DITO APP

DITO provided a bit.ly link for their subscribers to download their app. This link was sent via text message after you activated your DITO sim. In case you lost those message, in this guide, we have added all of the link where you can download the app officially from their website.

You can download the DITO App (APK) below:

  • https://bit.ly/DITOApp (43.885 MB)
  • https://download.dito.ph/prod-api/download_file?mid=superapp (43.885 MB)

Be careful: Do not try to type the bit.ly short link to your browser, there are some instances that users type these link manually and end up downloading a malicious file from Google Drive. Make sure that all letters are correctly capitalize and you’re redirected to the official website dito.ph and not from other sources.

How to update DITO App

If there is new update on DITO App, the app will prompt you to update your app to the latest version. However, when you try to update it, the app will redirects you to their IP address website and it returns an error saying “Your connection is not private”. This happens because the link they send is an IP Address and basically IP address cannot have an SSL certificate.

To download it, just click Advanced, and click Proceed anyway.

From there, clickthe Download button.

Or simply, download their updated APK from the link below:

Ditto Tv App Download Apk

  • https://join.dito.ph/pto/download/asserts/file/app-release_sec_signed.apk (43.885 MB)

That’s it guys! Hope this simple guide helps you download your DITO app for the first time.

  • After comparing dozens of clipboard tools for Windows, this application suit my needs the most. The UI is minimalistic, highly adjustable, and it looks remarkable with a Dracula theme. Out of all the features, I mostly value the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts for different groups. There still are bugs that I can find, but I am doing my best to report all of them.
  • Awesome, I suggest to the devolpers to make when holding Shift and pressing with the mouse a double click on a clipboard history item, because of the shift, make it paste as plain text, and write this in the info about the program so users know and show a messagebox to those who are already using it.
  • To the developer, I have been using your product for many years. I don't have money to show my appreciation, so I hope that a 'thank you' will do. Regards George F.
  • I have been using Ditto for over 10 years. A must have utility for it staff
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