Download Sports App On Firestick

The following instructional guide will show you How to Download Apps on Firestick and Fire TV.

We provide two methods for installing apps on Firestick including apps that aren’t available within the Amazon App Store.

Download sky sports app on firestick

The Amazon Firestick is likely the most popular media device available today.

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Open Firestick Home. Click on the Settings icon. Select My Fire TV Developer options Apps from Unknown Sources, and then click on Turn On. Navigate back to the home page and select the Find tab Search option. Type “ Downloader ” and select it from the list. Select the Downloader software’s icon and click Download. Nov 01, 2017 Here is our list of the best apps to watch live sports on Firestick or Fire TV for free: 1. Live NetTV is our favorite app for live streaming. This app offers over 800 channels in a host of different categories including Sports and it’s really easy to use. Some nice features from Live NetTV app. Download sportz tv firestick apk. Watch live tv channels, sports, and the latest movies with sportz tv. Broadcast twice daily, the morning bulletin focuses on the top 10. Now that you have actually registered for the services and also have the app login details, you might install sportz tv and begin using it on firestick.

This is due to its low price point and jailbreaking abilities make it a popular choice for cord-cutters and more.

One of the best features of this device is the capability to download apps on Firestick with ease from various sources.

These applications come in all shapes and sizes and will help you get the most out of this powerful device.

In the guide below, we will show you How to Download Apps on Firestick and Fire TV from the Amazon App Store.

We will also show you how to “sideload” applications that are not available in Amazon’s App Store.

This is the best way to gain access to tons of content including Movies, TV Shows, Live Streaming, and more for free.

In this tutorial, we are using a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. However, this will also work for any variation of Firestick or Fire TV device you have.

TROYPOINT TIP: If you are looking for the most popular app options for your Firestick, check out our list below that stays updated with all the best Firestick Apps available.

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Table of Contents

  • 6 Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Apps on Firestick/Fire TV

Downloading Apps on your Firestick or Fire TV device is a fairly easy process that will take 30 seconds or less.

First, we will show you How to Download Apps on Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over Find and select Search.

2. Search for the app you would like to install.

(In this instance, we are installing IPVanish which is TROYPOINT’s trusted VPN Provider).

3. Choose the application for download.

4. Click Get or Download.

5. Wait for the app to install.

6. You are then met with a “Ready to launch!” message.

That’s it! You have just downloaded an App on your Firestick device. Enjoy!

If you prefer to browse through various app choices, we suggest using the Appstore.

To do so, use the instructions below.

1. From the home screen, hover over Find and select Appstore.

2. You can now browse through various app options.

3. Choose your preferred app for download.

4. Click Get or Download.

5. You will then encounter app “Ready to launch!” message.

Installation is now complete. Enjoy!

If you want to learn how to download apps on Firestick and Fire TV that aren’t available in the Amazon App Store, read our guide below.

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How to Sideload Apps on Firestick and Fire TV

Apart from apps available in the Amazon App Store, Firestick owners can also “sideload” various apps & APKs onto this device.

This is possible by enabling unknown sources within the settings of your Firestick or Fire TV.

We will also use an installer tool called Downloader that will allow you to download any app you prefer.

Doing so will unlock the device for access to thousands of applications that you cannot find within Amazon’s App Store.

Use our guides below that will show you How to Download Apps on Firestick and Fire TV via side loading.

Video Tutorial


Important links mentioned in the video:

Screenshot Guide

1. From the home screen of your device, hover over the Find option.

2. Click Search.

3. Search for and select Downloader.

4. Choose the Downloader app.

5. Click Download.

6. Wait for the app to install.

7. Once the app finishes installing click Open.

8. Return to the home screen and open Settings.

9. Click My Fire TV.

10. Choose Developer options.

11. Click Install unknown apps.

12. Find the Downloader app and click it.

13. This will turn Unknown Sources to On for the Downloader app. This will enable side-loading on your device.

Alternative App Store on Firestick/Fire TV

After installing Downloader and enabling Unknown Sources, we can download any app or APK we prefer.

In this instance, we will show you how to install Aptoide TV which is a Google Play Alternative featuring thousands of apps not provided in the Amazon App Store.

1. Launch the Downloader App

2. Click Allow.

3. Click OK.

4. Select the Browser tab within the left menu.

5. Click the Search box and type the following URL exactly as it is listed here – and click Go

  • is the official website of this app.

Note: The referenced link is the official URL of this app/addon. TROYPOINT does not own or operate any streaming website, service, app, or addon, and has no affiliation with any developers.

6. Scroll down and click Download Aptoide TV.

7. Wait for the file download to finish.

8. Click Install.

9. Click Done.

That’s it! Aptoide installation is now complete which you can access for thousands of Streaming Apps, Tools, and more. Enjoy.

For more Firestick Resource tutorials, check out our popular guides below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Apps Free on Firestick?

Yes. Most applications are free to install on Firestick and Fire TV. However, some require a monthly subscription fee for access to content.

How do I Install Unknown Apps on Firestick?

You can easily install unknown apps on firestick by enabling unknown sources within the settings of your device.

How do I Download Apps on Firestick?

There are numerous methods to download apps on firestick including via the Amazon App Store, via Downloader, ES File Explorer, and more.

What are the Best Firestick Apps?

Some of the Best Firestick Apps include Netflix, Pluto, Downloader, IPVanish, and more.


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Download Bt Sport App On Firestick

Do you own a smart TV? How smart is your digital entertainment? If you are planning to discard your TV and satellite connections then getting a firestick is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Firestick is the master key using which you can unlock several doors to digital entertainment. Just synchronize it with your smart TV and enjoy firestick TV apps for hours.

Refer to this article to get a quick glance of the firestick TV apps. Here we have discussed 14 insanely hot applications that will change the face of your digital entertainment.

What are the Best Firestick Apps For Streaming in 2021:

Entertainment is at its best when it comes for free. If you are a fan of free content, then you must check out these firestick streaming apps.

1. Cinema APK

Cinema APK is widely popular and famous for watching online series and movies. Users can not only enjoy HD movies but popular TV shows as well. Cinema APK came into being a popular application shortly after Terrarium TV went down.

It is one of the best movie apps for firestick 2021 with above 200 hours of non-stop entertainment and an endless line-up of HD video content.

On top of that, this application also receives regular updates, so there are lesser issues with the functionality, making it one of the most popular movie streaming apps for firestick.

2. Morph TV

Morph TV is a clone of Morpheus TV and is gaining a good reputation amongst the streamers. Just like the Cinema app, Morph TV also streams tons of HD movies ranging from the latest movie releases and popular TV shows.

There is a never-ending catalog of HD video content that will keep you glued to your couch for hours.

The scraper of this app fetches multiple quality streaming links so that there is no compromise in your entertainment. All these features make Morph TV one of the best firestick apps for movies.

Download sky sports app on firestick

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3. CatMouse

CatMouse is another firestick app to get on-demand HD content such as TV shows, series and movies. This application is a safe clone of the Terrarium TV and comes with similar functions.

The user interface and navigation are quite fair and the lineup of TV shows, series, episodes and movies is quite amazing. The app fetches high-quality streaming links from the top sources of the Internet making it a unique firestick app for movies.

It not only streams HD shows but also covers tons of HD movies as well. According to our studies and thousands of user ratings, CatMouse is the best movie app for firestick in 2021.

4. Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV is a wonderful movie streaming app for firestick you can use to watch TV shows, series and movies. The user interface and features are just like the Terrarium TV application.

With over 5000 movies and TV shows, this app fetches Ultra HD streaming links and thereby giving you unmatched entertainment. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best firestick apps for TV shows.

5. Morphix TV

Morphix TV is another excellent choice if you’re looking to watch movies and popular TV shows. This application is geared more towards smooth performance.

The scrapers fetch many streaming links to a particular TV show so you enjoy the pleasant entertainment. It is remote-friendly and has a very easy user interface with smooth navigation.

The fast scrapers, quality of links, content library, regular updates are a few features that make Morphix TV one of the best movie apps for firestick 2021.

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6. Mobdro

If you are a sports fan and do not watch to spend a single penny on purchasing the Amazon Firestick, then Mobdro is the app for you.

Once you download this app and run in on your smart TV, it will search for streaming links across the globe to give you a pleasant sports viewing experience. The scrapers work insanely fast to get you several streaming links that are in 720p HD, making it one of the best firestick apps for sports.

The only issue with Mobdro is ads. There are a few ads, but if you want to remove them, then you can purchase the premium version to unlock more features.


If you hate cords and dish connections then you probably are a frequent user of the firestick apps. If this is so, then OLA TV is a good firestick app for live TV.

This app offers a huge collection of channels and several of them are from the UK, USA, EU and Canada. You will find all your favorite channels on OLA TV.

The user interface is quite appealing and most of the channel categories are on the home page itself. This application streams HD video content from multiple servers across the globe.

These features and the ease by which you can watch your favorite channels on your TV, make this one of the best firestick apps for live TV.

8. Live NetTV – Best Live TV App For Amazon Fire Stick

As the name suggests, Live NetTV lets you watch your favorite satellite channels on your smart TV. With a huge catalog of channels from several locations including the US, UK, Gulf, East Asia and many more, this is definitely one of the best firestick apps for live TV.

The user-friendly interface and the remote-friendly system, make this app, the ultimate choice for TV lovers. You can watch sports, TV shows, kids animation shows, cartoons, music videos, movies and whatnot. This on-demand service provides limited content but is expected to expand in the future.

9. TVTap


Do you want to turn your smart TV into a music box? Well, TVTap makes this possible. You can use this app to play music on your smart TV.

TVTap comes with a solid lineup of HD content that is directly streamed from satellite channels from across the globe. This app is perfectly designed to be compatible with your remote and your smart TV.

The user interface is extremely simple and easy to navigate. This is one of the best firestick apps for live-TV. Watch your favorite channels with colleagues or family.

Extremely Useful Amazon Firestick Apps 2021

If you are a fan of Amazon firestick apps then these are some useful applications you should get in 2021.

10. BBC News – Firestick App For News

Although you will require to make a payment to use the services of BBC News, you can stay updated with the happenings around the world.

From sports to employment news, lifestyle, stock market and much more, you get daily updates. BBC News is available on Amazon.

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11. YouTube – Best Firestick App For Music

Youtube is the video giant and nothing can beat this application that streams tons and tons of videos on demand. You can watch and create a list of your favorite music and videos any time.

But most importantly, you can enjoy the live performances of your favorite artists, bands and music festivals. Get this app on your firestick and have a blast.

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Iphone Sports App

12. Firefox Browser App

To get the apps that are not available on the Play Store, you would require a browser, right? A browsing app like Firefox cuts the need for downloading third-party apps. If you want to browse the internet on your smart TV, then this is the best firestick app for utility.

13. Cyberfix

Cyberfix counts among the best firestick apps that brings you the freedom of rejoicing in video streams from a number of sources. Besides, this excellent app is easy to use and does not ask you to create an account. One incredible perk of using the Cyberfix firestick app is that it allows you to access the Real-Debrid account which means that you can fetch HD streams on this app. On the top, it notifies you about updates on latest releases. If you haven’t made the decision yet, then you can try one shot at using the Cyberfix firestick app.

14. UnlockMyTV

Free Sport Stream For Firestick

UnlockMy TV is yet another best firestick app on the list that comes with a pack of all the necessary features that you need. It allows you to enjoy a huge number of video streams and you are free to download the content you want to watch later without relying on any internet access. Alongside the synopsis and additional information on content, you can check the release dates of all the uploads via a release-date calendar. UnlockMyTV comes with all the must-have features including the subtitles and watch history that a user looks up to and thus it is worth a try.

Final Verdict

So these are the best firestick apps that will inject colors in your monotonous lives. Watch favorite soccer with colleagues or enjoy movies with family and friends, as these firestick streaming apps will keep you coming back for more.

Download Yahoo Sports App On Firestick

If you are planning to purchase the Amazon Firestick, you should go through the above applications. We have tried our best to include only those free apps that are highly recommended by the users and have world-class ratings.