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Once done, stay in Settings Face ID & Passcode and scroll down and turn on Attention Aware features. How to use Face ID to log into your third-part apps automatically. Turn on Use Face ID for the features you want including iPhone Unlock, iTunes & App Store, Apple Pay, Password Autofill, and tap other apps to add additional functionality. Step Three: Locate and Copy your App ID and Secret Key. After you’ve filled out the required fields and clicked Create a New App ID, you’ll be taken to your new App’s dashboard. From here, you’ll need to click on the Settings link to view your App ID and Secret Key. This is the new App’s Dashboard. Click the Settings link on the left.

Leaving the home with a pocket full of ID can put you in a vulnerable position, if lost! Download our FREE app and record your unique FACE.ID biometrics TODAY! Once recorded, our state-of-the-art cutting edge technology can be your passport to identification for gyms, day nurseries, schools, care homes, off licenses, nightclubs, hotels, casino's, festivals, apartments etc. It's like an ID card you don't have to remember to bring with you and businesses of all sorts have registered themselves on FACE.ID and use it actively to identify customers.

Don't need a FACE.ID? Don't worry! You could just download our FREE app and use it to verify the identity of pre-approved taxi drivers & tradespeople or company representatives calling at your door. FACE.ID uses modern biometric technology, through an app to determine whether the person in front of you is genuinely who they claim to be.

Utilising state-of-the-art biometrics, this unique service uses facial characteristics to authenticate people and now consumers & businesses are being offered an exciting opportunity to be among the first in the world to sign up to FACE.ID and use it in their everyday lives.

FACE.ID provides real time 21st century face authentication and is the next generation in identity protection, security and authenticity. No need to carry cards or documentation around with you anymore!

The FACE.ID management team have a longstanding history in providing consumer protection services; working closely with local authorities, public and private bodies for a number of years.

How To Turn Off Face Id To Download Apps


Once the app has recorded your FACE.ID biometrics and your application has been approved (Level 2 FACE.ID only) you'll be issued with a unique FACE.ID pin, it's this pin you give to the person or business authenticating you.

You can use your FACE.ID as a paperless system for proving ones age, when purchasing age-restricted products or services, for proving your ID, signing you into businesses of all sorts, or when requiring entry into a nightclub or bar and much more!

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Use Face Id For Apps


FACE.ID offers pioneering facial recognition technology, which is now available to all types of businesses throughout the world.

Whether you need to confirm proof of age if selling age-restricted products or services, or you're looking for cost effective, state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to sign staff members or customers into your business, then FACE.ID is for you.

Use Face Id To Download Apps

With technology creating big ways in our ordinary lives, face and voice recognition as well as biometric authentication technology are the way to the future. We are passionate about providing an innovative system that is based on groundbreaking principles. Individuals and businesses are looking for prompt, reliable and accurate results, which is why FACE.ID might replace other forms of ID in no time. With FACE.ID, there is no chance for fake IDs.

Several businesses are joining hands with FACE.ID to offer a universal facial recognition ID system that requires a 'once-only registration' by the end user, one they'll be able to use to sign into all types of businesses globally that run the FACE.ID platform on their premises.

You can register to the FACE.ID platform in no time and be using a card free zone for your staff or members by the end of the day. Rather than asking them to bring their ID cards to sign into their accounts, you can use their unique FACE.ID to verify them, all controlled from within your own admin area.

Face Id To Download Apps

For tradespersons, taxi drivers etc FACE.ID can be used as a comfort factor for their customers - confirming legitimacy and credibility.

The future is here and everyone is invited to join.

How To Put Your Face Id To Download Apps