Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition - Steve Harvey

Posted by Jacob Hamblin
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Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Expanded Edition - Steve Harvey

I would say all in all this has been enlightening book. Some parts come off as a little chauvinistic. While he does acknowledge the work load of today’s women, the extreme expectations society places on mothers far outweighs the understanding any man will ever have on women. The fact that women now hold the title of mother AND career woman is something only very few men would even come close to understanding, because they don’t have the physical capabilities to understand things like the pain of child birth and how that changes a women’s body.
The whole “men don’t like it when women let themselves go” (interpreted quote) and giving women a ten-pound weight-gain range before men disapprove is just not considering the fact that women bare children and this changes their bodies, often more than the suggested ten-pound leeway “given” by men.
I also don’t personally believe that men have any excuses or should be placing suggestions on women on how they can keep their men from straying, let alone justifying why they stray with nominal, meaningless explanations. Ones like if they don’t get sex from their women, they will get it elsewhere. While this may be true, this should not be accepted as a guideline for any couple, male or female.
I have already suggested this book to other women, but not for advice on how to act around men so much as to understand that most men just play with women’s hearts to get sex. And the more knowledge a women has to her advantage, hopefully the less female hearts will be broken by these types of men. Any women who have been played by a man knows that, and every dark secret a man keeps is best brought into the light, so I appreciate this book for that simple fact.