Being Mortal - Atul Gawande

Posted by Kevin Norman
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Being Mortal - Atul Gawande

As a physician and a patient with stage four prostate cancer, I had more than a passing interest in Dr. Gawande's book. His insights into what doctors DO as opposed to what patients NEED, is without peer in the world of medicine. He also identifies, with deep care and concern, issues that patients have to address, often without useful guidance by the medical profession. The balance between hope (things will get better) and fear (things will get worse, we just do not know when) is, from a patient's perspective, a daily question. This is but one of approximately seven or eight critical issues on which Dr. Gawande sheds considerable light and understanding.
That the book has helped my wife would be an understatement. I also expect to refer the book to colleagues who are involved in hospice, palliative care or teach our next generation of physicians.
Thank you Dr. Gawande, you have made my personal journey much clearer, and for that I am most grateful.