Teaming with Microbes - Wayne Lewis

Posted by Georgia Nelson
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Teaming with Microbes - Wayne Lewis

If you have the slightest interest in the planet you live on, gardening, or simply curious about the ground you walk on this is a book for you. A fun and very informative read.

If you are looking for the knowledge you need to go organic you will it all in this book. Additionally you will find the why, which for me is the crux of understanding both how grow organically and what to avoid. The information is easy to understand and thorough. as a long time organic gardener I felt like my eyes are just now seeing!

It's one of those hard to put down books you get from time to time. The authors were also thoughtful enough to provide resource information and one of the best indexes i have seen in a very long time.

Makes an excellent gift too. Everyone I have given this book too has loved it. Do yourself, family, garden & yard a favor and buy this book!

Be sure to have a note pad handy as there are many observations you will want to note.